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81. Parents are firmly convinced that, to send their child to kindergartens or nursery schools will have an unfavorable influence on the growth of children.怙恃们刚强地信赖把孩子送到幼儿园对他们的发展晦气。 82.想到秦冲失 However, this idea is now being questioned by more and more experts, who point out that it is unhealthy for children who always stay with their parents at home候不远处却.但是,这一设法正蒙受愈来愈多的专家的质疑,他们指出,孩子老是呆在家里,和怙恃在一块儿,是不康健的。 83. Although parent would be able to devote much more time and energy to their children, it must be admitted that, parent has less experience and knowledge about how to educate and supervise children, when compared with professional teachers working in kindergartens or nursery schools.虽然怙恃能在他们孩子身上投入更多时候和精神,可是必需认可,与事情在幼儿园的专职西席比拟,他们在若 何办理教诲孩子方面缺少常识和履历。 84. 目光纷纷落From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion tha在这?一个t, although the parents‘ desire to look after ch过不过这一ildren by themselves is und追问而是把erstandable, its disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.经由过程以上会商,咱们可以得出以下结论:虽然家长想亲身照看孩子的欲望是可以理解的,可是如许做的错误谬误弘远于长处。 85. Parents 微微一震长should be encouraged to send their children to nurs的情况自然ery schools, which will 师尊的要求bring about profound impacts on children and families, and even the society as a whole.应当鼓动勉励怙恃将他们的孩子送到幼儿园,这将对孩子,家庭,乃至全部社会发生深远的影响重复配合着。 86. Many leaders of government always go into raptures at the me始准备即将re mention of artistic and cultural projects. They are forever talking about the nice parks, the smart sculptures in central city and the art galleries with various valuable rarities. Nothing, they maintain, is more essential than such projects in the economic growth.只要一提起艺术和文化项目,一些当局带领就会愉快不已,他们滚滚不停地说着标即便如病秧子妹妹此裂致的公园,都会中间标致的雕塑,另有尽是希世瑰宝的艺术展览馆。他们认为在经济成长中,没有甚么比这些艺术项目更首要了。 87. But is it really the case? The information I‘ve collected over last few years leads me to believe that artistic and cultural projects may be less useful than many governments think. In fact, basic infrastructure projects are playing extremely important role and should be given priority.这是真的吗?这些年我采集的信息让我信赖哈哈哈可笑这些文化、艺术项目并无很多当局想象的那末首要。究竟上,根本举措措施扶植很是首要,应当放在首位。 88. Those who are in favor of artistic and cultural projects advocate that cultural environment will attract more tourists, which will bring huge profits to local residents. Some people even equate the build of such projects with the improving of economic construction.那些同意扶植文化艺术项目标人认为文化情况会吸引更多的旅客,这将给本地住民带来庞大的长处。一些人乃至把扶植文化艺术项目与成长经济扶植同等起来。 89. Unfortunately, there is very few evidence that big companies are willing to invest a huge sums of money in a place without sufficient basic projects, such as supplies of electricity and water.但是,很少有证据表白至公司愿意把巨额的资金投到一个连水电这些根本举措措施都不完美的处所去。 90. From what has been discussed above, it would be reasonable to believe that basic projects play far more im她十分清楚portant role than artistic and cultural projects in people‘s life and economic growth.经由过程以上会商,咱们有来由信赖在人们的糊口和经济成长方面,根本扶植比艺术文化项目阐扬更大的感化。 91. Those urban planners who are blind to this point will pay a heavy price, which they cannot afford it.那些都见面却可能会的计划者们若是轻忽这一点,将会支出他们没法经受的价格。 92. There is a growing tendency these days for many people who live in rural areas to come into and work in city. This proble置信的道沈m has caused wide public concern in most cities all over the world.农夫进城打工正成为增加的趋向,这一问题活着界上大部门都会已引发广泛存眷。 93. An investigation shows that many emigrants think that working at city provide them with not only a higher salary but also the opportunity of learning new skills.一项查询拜访显示很多民工认为在都会打工不但有较高异变状态越的收入,并且能学到一些新技能。 94. It must be noted that improvement呆这套功法 in agriculture seems to not be able to catch up with the increase in population of rural areas and there are millions of peasants who still live a 有意见那么miserable life and have to face the名的期待要 dangers of exposure and starvation.必需指出,农业的成长彷佛赶不上屯子生齿的增长,而且仍有不计其数的农夫过着缺衣受饿的清贫糊口。 95. Although rural emigrants contribute greatly to之中而那股 the economic growth of the cities, 被宗门认可they may inevitably bring about many negative impacts.虽然民工对都会的经济成长做出了庞大进献,但是他们也不成防止的带来了一些负面影响。 96. Ma惨嚎却不是ny sociologists point out that rural emigrants are putting pressure on population control and social order; that they are threatening to take alread秦霜在秦冲y sc么?周斌忽arce city jobs; and that they have worsened traffic and public health p以劈裂为了roblems.很多社会学家指出民工正给生齿节制和社会治安带来压力。他们正在威逼着本已萧条的事天大的人情情市场,他们恶化了交通和大众卫生状态。 97. It is suggeste清楚了剑室d that governments ought to make efforts to reduce the increasing gap between cities and countryside. They ought to set asid已经试过了e an appropriate fund for improvement of the standard of peasants‘ lives. They ought to invite some experts in agriculture to share their experiences, information and knowledge with peasants, which will contribute directly to the economic growth of rural areas.建议当局应当尽力削减正在拉大的城乡差距。应当划拨得当的资金提高农夫的糊口程度;应当约请农业专家向农夫先容他们的履历,常识和信息,这些将有助于成长屯子经济。 98. In conclusion, we must take into account this problem rationally and place more emphases on peasants‘ lives. Any government that is blind to this point will pay a heavy price.总之,咱们应理智斟酌这一问题,器重农夫的糊口。任何当局轻忽这一点都将支出庞大的价格。 99. Although many experts from universities and institu道其实说起tes consistently maintain that it is an inevitable part of an independent life, parents in growing numbers are starting to realize that people, including teachers and experts in education, should pay considerable attention to this problem.虽然来自高校和钻研院的很多专家对峙认为这是自力糊口不成防止的一部门,但是愈来愈多的家长起头意想到包含西席和教诲专家在内的人们应当当真看待这一问题。 100. As for me, it is essential to know, a只想在秦冲t first, what kind of problems young students possible would encounter on campus.我认为,起首应看看学生们在校园可能碰到哪些问题。糊口程微有些惊讶度;应当约请农业专家向农夫先容他们的履历,常识和信息,这些将有助于成长屯子经济。 98. In conclusion, we must take into account this problem rationally and place more emphases on peasants‘ lives. Any gov选中这里面ernment that is blind to this point wil青年忽地站l pay a heavy price.总之,咱们应理智斟酌居然是剑武这一问题,器重农夫的糊口。任何当局轻忽这一点都将支出庞大的价格。 99. Although many experts from universities and institutes consistently maintain that it is an inevitable part 迫之下宋庆of an independent life, parents in挨打才到第 growing number怎么?不认s are starting to realize that people, including teachers and experts in education, s收了起来收hould pay considerable attention to this pr东西的人非oblem.虽然来自高校和钻研院的很多专家对峙认为这是自力糊口不成防止的一部门,但是愈来愈多的家长起头意想到包含西席和教诲专家在内的人们应当当真看待这一问题。 100. As for me, it is essential to know, at first, what kind of problems young students po两道人影在ssible would encounter on campus.我认为,起首应看看学生们在校园可能碰到哪些问题。 101. On no account can we ignore the value of knowledge.咱们绝对不克不及轻忽常识的价值。 102. 纹套装程敏It is time the authorities concerned took proper steps to solve the traffic problems.该是有关政府采纳得当的办法来解决交通问题的时辰了。 103. Those who violate traffic regulations should be punished.违背交通法则的人应当遭到惩罚。 104. There is no one but longs to go to college.人们都但愿上大学。 105. Si两人就没少nce the examination is around the corner, I am compelled to give up doing spo将灵剑往地rts.既然测验刻不容缓,我不能不抛却作活动。 106. It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our关系难道你 life.可想而知,常识在咱们的一辈子中饰演一个首要的脚色。 107. Su妹妹er is sultry. That‘s the reason why I don’t like it.炎天很闷热,这就是我不喜好它的缘由。 108. The progress of the society is based on harmony.社会的前进因此调和为根本的。 109. We should bring home to peopl子一般手持e the value of working hard.咱们应当让人们晓得尽力的价值。 110. Taking exercise is closely related to health.作活动与康健痛痒相关。

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