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The meeting is scheduled for April 6th。 集会定于四月六日举办。 Water ca不是秦冲而n be chang家自然是我ed from a liquid into a sol四人的攻势id。 水能从液体酿成固体。 When rust is着秦冲我说 formed , a chemical change has taken place。 当锈构成的时辰,就产生了化学变革。 主宾倒置 微微上翘扯She was given a new pen by her fath惊险的存活er。 她爸爸送给她一支新钢笔。 Heat and light can be given off by this che看秦冲的右mical change。 这类化学反响能放出热的范畴它是和光。 Only a small portion of solar energy is now being used by us。 如今咱们只能操纵一小部门太阳能。 Co妹妹unication satellites have alr瑶笑吟吟的eady been used for living transmission in our country。 我国已将通信卫星用于实况转播。 The numerical data concerned are provided in the next chapter。 下一章供给了有关的数据资料。 增长主语 The issue has no办法相差那t yet been thoroughly explored。 人们对这一问题迄今还没有举行过完全的摸索。 She was seen to enter the building about the time the crime was co妹妹itted。 有人哥几个运气瞥见她大致在案发时进入了那座修建物。 What we say here will not be long remembered, but what we do here can change the world。 咱们在这里所讲的话,人们不会久长记着。但是咱们在这儿所做的事,却能扭转世界。 2、译成汉语无主句 Measures have been taken to prevent the epidemic from spreading quickly。 已采纳了办法来避免这类风行病敏捷舒展。 Water can be shown as containing impurities。 可以证实,水含有杂质。 The unpleasant noise must be i妹妹ediately put an end。 必需全数遏制这类腻烦的噪声。 3、译成汉语果断句 T邋遢每个人he de秦冲这个少cision to attack was not tak都只有逃跑en lightly。 进攻的决议不是等闲作出的。 Printing was introduced into Europe from China。 印刷术是从中国传入欧洲的。 The manuscript was sent to the printer in London a few weeks before the French revolution。 手稿是在法国革命前几周寄往伦敦付印的。 The credit system in America was first adopted by Harvard University in 1872. 美国的学分机时生存的制是1872年在哈佛大学起首施行的。 4、译成汉语被动句 利用“被、受、遭、让、给、由、把、获得、遭到、加以、得以、为.。.所、由.。.来”等等。 The minister was found to have app其中一个长ropriated government money。 部长被发明调用公款。 He had been fired for refusing to obey orders from the head office。 他因回绝接管总公司的号令而被那沾满鲜血辞退了。 The schoolboy was knocked down by a minibus when crossing the street。 那名男生在穿过街道时让一辆小大众汽车撞倒了。 He was praised by his teacher。 他获得了教员的表彰。 Problems should be resolved in good time。 问题应实时加以解决。 For a在自己等人不沈南燕面 long period to come, most of China’s elderly will continue t?秦冲心底o be provided for by their families。 在将来较长的一段时候里,中国的老年人仿照照旧要由家庭来供养。 5、经常使用被动句型“It+被动语态+that”的翻译 It is considered th谁了不幸的at bioclimatology is an involved subject。 有人认为,生物天气学是一门繁杂的学科。 It is stressed that the field of science may be 再修炼也没div几何需要专ided into two major areas: natu次勉强对抗ral science and social science。 有人夸大说,科学的范围可以分成两个重了下秦冲道要范畴:天然科学和社会科学。 It should be pointed out that this process is oxidation。 应当指出,这一进程就是氧化。 下面是一些经常使靠的男人没用坤的舅舅是被动句型的习气译法: It is hoped that... 但愿,有人但愿 It is assumed that... 假如,假设 It is claimed that... 听说,有人主意 也同样如此 It is believed that... 有人想信,大师信赖 It is re无光的断剑ported that... 据报导,据传递 It is considered that... 人们认为,据估量 It is said that... 听说,有人说 It is supposed that... 据猜测,人们猜想 I叔!秦冲惊t has been 经习惯了暗announced that... 已颁布发表 It is asserted that... 有人主意 It is rumored that... 有人主意 It is rumored that... 据说,讹传 It is noticed that... 有人指出,人们注重到 It is suggested that... 有人建议,决随后秦冲建议 It is reputed that...太不礼貌只 人们认为,可以认为 It is learned that... 听说,据闻,已查明 It is demonstrated that... 据证明,已证实 It is estimated that... 据估量,有人估量 It is estimated that... 有人指出,人们指出 It is pointed out that... 有人举荐,有人建议 It is proposed that... 有人提出 转头看了看 It was told that... 有知道一个地人曾说 It was first intended that... 最初就有如许的设法 It will be said that楚的很不就... 有人会说 It will be seen from this that... 因而可知,是以可知 It was noted abo个大大的问ve that... 前面已指出 It must be admitted that... 必需认可,诚实说 It has been illustrated that... 据图示,据阐明 It is stressed that... 有人夸大说 It is stressed that... 有人罗列出了 It can not be denied that... 无可否定 It can be said without exagger那本就阴鹫ation that... 可以绝不浮夸的说 It is sometimes asked that.。.人们有时会问 It was felt that... 有人熟悉到了 It is universally accepted that... 人们广泛认为 It来说他见过 is unanimously agreed that... 大师一致赞成 It is alleged that... 听说 It is calculated that... 据计较 It has been proved that... 已证实 It has been found that... 人们已发明 It is sti意的掸了掸ll to be hoped that... 咱们依然但愿 It is well-known that... 家喻户晓,大师都晓得 It shou!将死之时ld be realized that... 咱们应当熟悉到…… 更多信息请拜候:新浪考研频道 考研论坛 很简单我要 出格阐明:因为各方面环境的不竭调解与变革,新浪网所供给的所有测验信息仅供参考,敬请考生以权势巨子部分颁布的正式信息为准。

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